Passion for entrepreneurship

Are you worried about your business? Is your sales falling, are your IT processes outdated or do you get more and more dissatisfied customers? Do these concerns keep you awake at night?
Passion never is happy to help you with these stress-causing issues. Our Passionists have all the expertise to make sales, IT processes, marketing and innovation up to date again! We also coach you to follow your passion so that you don't get burned out, the biggest fear of any entrepreneur. So we relieve you so that you can do business with passion again!

Opportunities for you and your business

You don't miss out on opportunities that make your business stronger, right? Passion is the key to success for you and your business. With Passion never we look at your headaches and your passions, we offer you personal development and we relieve you of your headaches.

You are relieved by a team of fresh experts with their own specialty, think in marketing, innovation, sales, experience design, psychology, IT, blockchain, Agile and more. In a personal conversation we look at which experts best suit your issue.

In short:
Especially for busy entrepreneurs
You get time again for what you like
A free inspiration session at your office
Experience in many industries, including automotive, retail, finance, tech and more

How you do what you like again

We work with a recurring cycle to get the most out of yourself and with it your business. You can read a detailed explanation of these steps below.
The building blocks of passionate entrepreneurship with Passion never
Below you will find our services, these are always offered on the basis of the step-by-step plan above.

Masterclasses, interactive sessions with your team

We are happy to share our innovative and creative view with the rest of the world by giving masterclasses and keynotes. Can your business or staff use a power boost? Our team of passionists is happy to inspire you.

  • Interactive setting
  • Subject of choice

Examples? Of course: presentation about blockchain, burnout prevention, new customer contact channels or AI or, for example, a workshop about chatbots. A selection of the things we would like to inspire you with, but there are many other issues that we passionately tell.

Workshops by Passion never

Business coaching, finding your balance

These days it seems to be the keyword for all your problems: coaching. We still offer Business Coaching, the starting point is your passion. With our innovative view of the world we do it a little bit differently. Through models developed in-house, we look for direct development opportunities so that you immediately gain profit on both business and personal level.

  • FREE intake of 90 minutes, to get to know you better
  • On the job coaching, so that you can immediately get started with tips and tricks
  • Years of experience in many industries

Examples? Of course: help with your work / private balance, setting goals, looking for where your qualities lie or, for example, help with your course change. A selection of the things that we would like to help you with, but there are many other issues where we can help you.

Coaching by Passion never

Project management, away with your headaches

Get a grip on your projects again with our project management. Your project is safe with us. Years of experience in many markets and a wide range of partners ensures a seamless approach.

  • Start within 2 weeks
  • Daily or weekly reports
  • As a freelancer, payroll or interim

Examples? Of course: assistance with running your marketing campaign, implementation of the lean startup method, innovation of a specific business component, assistance with agile implementation or, for example, assistance with managing your marketing communications. A selection of the things that we would like to help you with, but there are many other issues where we can help you.

Projectmanagement by Passion never

Consultancy, a view of the future

Concepts that appeal to the imagination. Advice that reveals your passionate project. With Passion never you achieve what you had not thought possible.

  • Shortterm or longterm
  • All kind of experts
  • As a freelancer, payroll or interim

Examples? Of course: advice on innovating your customer journey, advice on using blockchain or, for example, help on innovating your HR process. A selection of the things that we would like to help you with, but there are many other issues where we can help you.

Consultancy by Passion never

100+ passionists already preceded you

From supervising change and innovation projects to coaching, project management and workshops.

WhatsApp update

Every Wednesday the weekbreak with the latest marketing innovation news and tools on your WhatsApp, at Passion never it's possible!

About Passion never

Jan-Paul Kreukniet

Founder & Passionist

I am Jan-Paul Kreukniet and founder of Passion never, nice to e-meet you!

By running multiple companies from my 10th year of age, doing interim jobs, having different jobs and a burnout I learned how you can lose and find your passion. I now like to share this knowledge with other entrepreneurs under the name Passion never

To let my mission: "prevent burn out and let entrepreneurs do what they really like" succeed I'm also available as public speaker.

Together with you and my team of Passionists I would like to look for your passion and help you to do business with passion again!

Start today, develop your passion

Our Passionists are your on-demand experts in the field of, among other things, marketing, innovation, sales, design and take all your worries off your hands.

Together with our coaches, you discover your passions again and do what you like.

This way you prevent a burn-out and you are a stress-free entrepreneur.